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sensu Bouchard et all., 2011
Juan Enrique Barriga - Tuñón


especies presentes en Brasil de la familia Megalopodidae
(Megalopodidae species from Brasil)

según: Blackwelder, R.E., 1944 *.

Agathomerus basalis Pic, 1916:20
Agathomerus batesi Baly, 1859:199
Agathomerus bifasciatus Klug, 1824:53
Agathomerus bivittatus Lacordaire, 1845:692
Agathomerus coeruleus Bates, 1866:81
Agathomerus cyanopterus Lacordaire, 1845:677
Agathomerus discoideus Klug, 1824:49
Agathomerus egregius Germar, 1823:525
Agathomerus (Euagathomerus) elegans Klug, 1834:210
Agathomerus ephippium Lacordaire, 1845:693
Agathomerus fasciatus Dalman, 1823:72
Agathomerus (Agathomeroides) flavomaculatus Klug, 1824:57
Agathomerus hahneli Pic, 1955:234 (Amazonas)
Agathomerus humeralis Serville, 1825:320
Agathomerus incomparabilis Clark, 1866:81
Agathomerus interrupta Pic, 1947
Agathomerus lautus Bates, 1866:83
Agathomerus (Euagathomerus) marginatus Klug, 1824:51
Agathomerus nigricollis Clark, 1866:82
Agathomerus nobilis Klug, 1834:210
Agathomerus notaticollis Clark, 1866:82
Agathomerus obliterata Pic, 1947 ()
Agathomerus pauper Bates, 1866:80
Agathomerus pictus Lacordaire, 1845:691
Agathomerus (Euagathomerus) sellatus Germar, 1823:524
Agathomerus sexmaculatus Kirby, 1818:444
Agathomerus signatus Klug, 1824:54
Agathomerus (Trichagathomerus) subfasciatus Germar, 1823:524 *
Agathomerus subfasciatus Pic, 1947:15 (nombre preocupado)
Agathomerus succinctus Klug, 1834:212
Agathomerus testaceus Klug, 1824:56
Agathomerus viduus Clark, 1866:84
Barticaria cyanea Clark, 1866:81
Bothromegalopus gibbosus (Pic, 1916:20)
Bothromogalopus pilipes Lacordaire, 1845:698
Mastostethus abbreviatus Klug, 1834:218
Mastostethus abdominalis Klug, 1824:78.
Mastostethus alternans Klug, 1834:217
Mastostethus angustalisi Pic, 1916:20
Mastostethus angustalisi var. semicarmineus Pic, 1916:20
Mastostethus aulicus Lacordaire, 1845:640
Mastostethus balyi Jacoby, 1904:66
Mastostethus basalis Baly, 1876:127
Mastostethus batesi Baly, 1859:201 ,
Mastostethus bicolor Klug, 1834:76
Mastostethus binotatus Klug, 1824:74
Mastostethus bipunctatus Klug, 1824:73
Mastostethus bivittatus Pic, 1916:19
Mastostethus bizonatus Clark, 1866:77
Mastostethus brasiliensis Papp, 1949
Mastostethus cardinalis Klug, 1834:219
Mastostethus curvipes Fabricius, 1801:29 (South America)
Mastostethus cyclostigma Bates, 1866:79
Mastostethus dentatus Klug, 1824:73
Mastostethus depressus Klug, 1824:71
Mastostethus diadema Klug, 1834:219
Mastostethus dimidiatus Klug, 1824:77
Mastostethus discoidalis Pic, 1917:7
Mastostethus ephippiger Mannerheim, 18 26:301
Mastostethus facialis Bates, 1866:78
Mastostethus fraternus Baly, 1876:128
Mastostethus frontalis Klug, 1824:70
Mastostethus germari Lacordaire, 1845:652
Mastostethus gounellei Pic, 1916:186
Mastostethus haematomelas Lacordaire, 1845:646
Mastostethus humeralis Pic, 1916:19
Mastostethus inomatus Bates, 1866:73
Mastostethus jacobyi Jacoby & Clavareau 1905:4
Mastostethus jansoni Baly, 1876:126
Mastostethus javeti Baly, 1859:303
Mastostethus jekeli Baly, 1859:202
Mastostethus lateritius Klug, 1834:220
Mastostethus monostigma Bates, 1866:73
Mastostethus multinotatus Pic, 1917:8 South America
Mastostethus multipunctatus Lacordaire, 1845:644
Mastostethus nigricollis Jacoby, 1904:66
Mastostethus nigroscutus Pic, 1916:20
Mastostethus nigrovarius Jacoby, 1904:63
Mastostethus nigrovarius var. bisbidis Pic, 1916:20
Mastostethus notaticollis Clark, 1866:75
Mastostethus pantherinus Lacordaire, 1845:649
Mastostethus pascoei Baly, 1859:202
Mastostethus philemon Baly, 1863:616
Mastostethus plato Bates, 1866:72
Mastostethus pullatus Bates, 1866:76
Mastostethus quadriplagiatus Jacoby, 1904:67
Mastostethus quadripunctatus Klug, 1834:220
Mastostethus robustus Clark, 1866:74
Mastostethus rufipennis Mannerheim, 1826:302
Mastostethus sanguineus Lacordaire, 1845:636
Mastostethus sejunctus Bates, 1866:79
Mastostethus sexpunctatus Klug, 1834:221
Mastostethus sigma Bates, 1866:78
Mastostethus signatipennis Pic, 1917:8
Mastostethus sobrinus Lacordaire, 1845:641
Mastostethus stramineus Clark, 1866:73
Mastostethus suavis Bates, 1866:76
Mastostethus thoracicus Baly, 1859:200
Mastostethus uniplagiatus Lucas, 1857:194
Mastostethus variegatus Klug, 1824:69
Mastostethus verticalis Klug, 1834:221
Mastostethus vexillarius Bates, 1866:72
Mastostethus vittatus Klug, 1824:70
Mastostethus vittatus var. atrolineatus Pic, 1917:8
Mastostethus zonatus Klug, 1834:219
Megalopus analis Klug, 1824:59
Megalopus apicalis Pic, 1916:4
Megalopus brasiliensis Jacoby, 1903:183
Megalopus brevipennis Jacoby, 1903:183
Megalopus cruralis Klug, 1824:64
Megalopus dentipes Bates, 1866:86
Megalopus elongatus Baly, 1876:128
Megalopus femoratus Serville, 1825:320
Megalopus hirtipes Klug, 1824:65
Megalopus impictus Bates, 1866:86
Megalopus lituratus Klug, 1834:214
Megalopus luteosignatus Pic, 1940:314
Megalopus melipona Clark, 1866:84
Megalopus parallelus Lacordaire, 1845:714
Megalopus poecilosomus Lacordaire, 1845:704
Megalopus sericatus Lacordaire, 1845:705
Megalopus sexvittatus Bates, 1866:85
Megalopus tabidus Klug, 1834:215
Megalopus thoracicus Jacoby, 1903:182
Megalopus tuberculatus Klug, 1834:213
Megalopus unifasciatus Pic, 1916:19
Megalopus violaceofasciatus Jacoby, 1888:64
Megalopus vittaticollis Baly, 1876:129
Megalopus waterhousei Baly, 1859:203
Falsomegalopus diformipes Pic, 1916:19
Falsomegalopus incisus Pic, 1916:19
Homalopterus heteroproctus Lacordaire, 1845:672
Homalopterus tristis Perty 32:89
Nickimerus setosus Guerin, 1948:71
Pseudhomalopterus carinatus Pic, 1920:20
Pseudomegalopus tibialis Pic, 1916:5

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